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Public charging solution

HYC 75/150


State of the Art Fast Charging

Housed in a sleek yet rugged enclosure, this system delivers 75 kW to 150 kW of output power.

Its slim contours and remarkably compact footprint defy expectations. Even with all the power electronics on board, it slots neatly into the tightest of indoor and outdoor parking spaces.

Compliant with all the pertinent norms and the OCPP protocol, HYC 75/150 configures to all charging standards, including CCS 1 and 2, CHAdeMO and GBT.

Its power unit delivers 250 A of continuous maximum output current even at 300 V (empty battery) to make charging an exercise in speed.

An optional AC plug is available, and a second power stack may be retrofitted to upgrade the system to 150 kW in a matter of minutes.

Technical Specifications

  • Benchmark current density with maximum 250ADC for the HYC 75 and 500ADC for the HYC 150

  • Full power capability starting as low as 300V battery voltage

  • Highly integrated system in a compact design

  • Parallel DC-charging possible for 150 kW / 300 kW

  • Scalable and upgradable power

  • Power-Stack concept

  • OCPP 1.6

  • 15“ Display

  • 460 X 600 X 2200 MM Housing

  • Up to two vehicle outlets possible (CCS and CHAdeMO)

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