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Public charging solution

HYC 225/300


Ultra Fast EV Charging

With a power rating of 225 kW, this system comes with a housing offering an upgrade to 300 kW at a later stage. 

More than 700A could be delivered, limited only by the available cable and connector technology.

It configures to all charging standards and complies with all the norms and the OCPP protocol standards.

The systems amazing power density enables an integration of such charging systems into critical narrow parking slot situations. 

Its ultra fast performance awaits the EVs which can cope with the ability.

Technical Specifications

  • Benchmark current density with maximum 700ADC for (cable limitation 500A currently)

  • Future-proof wide output voltage range from 150V to 1000V

  • Highly integrated system in a compact design

  • Scalable and upgradable power

  • Power-Stack concept

  • OCPP 1.6

  • 15‘‘ screen or 15‘‘ touch screen display (optional)

  • 650 X 600 X 2200 mm Housing

  • Up to two vehicle outlets possible (CCS and CHAdeMO)

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