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Home Charging Solution


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Faster and 

More Economical

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and advanced Load Management technologies, with INCH HOME you will be preventing overloads on your home grid.


And you will also be able to use locally produced energy from renewable sources assuring faster and more economical charging.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Charging Power

Charging Socket Type

Charging Cable Type

Protection Level

Differential Protection

User Identification


EV Communication


Power Management


Power Consumption Meter

Smart Integration

User Interface

Casing Material

Colour Options

7,4 kW (1 x 32 A), 22 kW (3 x 32 A) adjustable

Type 2 Socket

Charging Cable Type 2

IP 56, IK 10

RCD Type A + DC fault current sensor 6 mA, default option, RCD Type B or MCB char. C

PIN Code, RFID, App, SMS*

Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE

IEC 61851 (supported), IEC 15118 prepared

OCPP 1.6 SOAP & JSON, Modbus TCP

Yes, Dynamic Power Management with Load Guard

2 Chargers Small Cluster

Power Consumption Meter Class 2, MID optional

Yes, Modbus TCP

App (when connected to a back-end system) or web interface

Aluminium, cover plate Polycarbonate Lexan.

White or Anthracite grey.



INCH HOME automatically adjusts the charging power to meet local energy production and consumption through pattern learning allowing you to have the best charging plan.

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